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Okay so I'm just about four different nerds rolled up into one nice neat li'l ball. Besides the whole anime genre, I'm also a fantasy, comic book, and video game geek. I've been collecting comics since gradeschool mostly X-men and Wolverine. I've been reading as long as I can remeber a few favorites being the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, and the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Video games are another couch potato habit my favorites being the final fantasy series, as well as just about every other RPG, I even like Shining Tears...which nobody else seems to have liked...okay so I don't have any taste.
Although I've been slightly aware of the whole anime world before college, it didn't become an obsession until about five years ago when my Freshman year roomate introduced me to DBZ...and from there it was all down hill. I think even she's slightly taken aback by how far I take my hobbies ^^;. Besides collecting cels I also collect figure (anime, comic book, video games, even a few movie), comics, cards, and whatever else I can nab of my favorite characters.

Series I'm currently watching:

Samurai Troopers: viva old favorites ;)

Manga I'm currently reading:

Everything I can get my hands on, my reading habits have turned to the Shoujo side, with probably the Breaker as the only exception at the moment.

Video Games I'm playing:

Tales of Xillia 2 : there will be a happy ending or else....I've really got nothing, I end up buying the next one no matter what I tell myself now XD

there's more but these are my favorites at the moment...


Top Five Favorite Shows:
1.) D Gray Man: The shows recently gotten into my favorite arc and done it so well, that I just can't help but sit at my computer Tuesday nights waiting for the subs. Never been THAT into any series so I definitely count that as favorite status. The characters as well as the mix of comedy and tragedy just has me riveted.
2.) Yu Yu Hakusho: Still one of my favorites. Just can't help but enjoy the shows mix of action and comedy. Sure it gets serious at times but it's hard enough to tell that it won't depress to much ^^
3.) Final Fantasy Unlimited: Makenshi pretty much had me watching this series but I did enjoy the many FF references as well as the odd mix of characters.
4.) Spiral: A great series kept me watching just because of the mirade of questions, but sadly also ended before any of those questions were answered.
5.) Jing: It seems pointless, but you know what I didn't mind that the story led nowhere, mostly because it was fun to watch, and introduced a lot of interesting imagery.
6.) Orphen: To this day I can re-watch this series and not lose interest. I love the character and the story is one of the best I've seen.
7.) Escaflowne: Another series I love to rewatch, wonderful characters and the best love triangle ever ^^.
8.) Shounen Onmyouji: Pleasantly surprised by this series. Nicely paced and even though it ends a little early it at least doesn't leave you with more questions than answers.
9.) Ouran: Hilarious little series, ended too soon in my opinion.
10.) Word Destruction: Just a fun little adventure comedy. The lead character's antics are great, and what other series has a walking talking teddie...oh wait...there are quite a few, but do they have an eyepatch?

Top Ten Favorite Characters: (not really a particular order...though Lavi is my fave ^_~)
1.) Lavi (D. Gray Man)
2.) Makenshi (FFU)
3.) Kurama (YYH)
4.) Zero (Vampire Knight)
5.) Kyo (Fruits Basket)
6.) Guy (Tales of the Abyss)
7.) Kurogane (Tsubasa)
8.) Jing (Jing...duh)
9.) Yamamoto (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
10.) Orphen (SSO)
(I know it's a huge list, but I'm bored...)

Because there are few women listed in my top ten... (again no real order)
My top five favorite women:
1.) Hiyono (Spiral)
2.) Miranda (D. Gray Man)
3.) Cloud Nine (D Gray Man)
4.) Rio (Spiral)
5.) Lenalee (D. Gray Man)

Top 10 favorite Manga (Because sometimes the manga is better)
1.) D. Gray Man: Hand down my favorite characters, story, and drama. I've never followed anything as closely as I follow this.
2.) Fruits Basket: A series I can read again and again and still love.
3.) Spiral: All the mysteries, and some actual answers XP.
4.) Black Cat: Train's just too much fun, though I'm not sure I was satisfied with the ending.
5.) Jing: Mostly because it's a story I can enjoy and not get to embroiled in any drama.
6.) Chronicles of the Cursed Sword (I know technically it's manwha...same thing right?): A good story, really loveable character...and a love's escaflowne all over again.
7.) Hunter X Hunter: Great manga (so-so anime)
8.) Ouran: Just plain fun.
9.) Tsubasa: The only thing about this series is how fast it moves from cutesy to bloody (I want a slow transition.
10.) DN Angel: So much better than the anime...


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