Requiem for Lost Souls


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Artists - Those who I myself have commisioned or those I just Reeaaally respect the work of ;)

Subaru-S - An artist I stumbled upon on deviant art who's work just totally blew me away ;) And finally an artist familar with D. Gray-man, they seems so few and far between ^^; A good example of her work is my Lavi with kitten fanart, which I absolutely adore :D!

Frequently visited collections - Those galleries I find myself stopping to visit on a regular basis or that have similar tastes.

Anime Cel Depot - One of the very few D. Gray-man collectors out there besides myself :D
Jenn's Cel Gallery - An absolutely lovely collection, with several series I just can't help but wonder in and drool over a bit ^^ And the only other Hitman Reborn collector I've me :)
Jibunrashiku Anime Cel Gallery - A fellow Nabari no Ou collector who has been very helpful in expanding my own collection :D, also has a lovely Gintama collection ^^
Fading Memories - Another Gaara fan, wonderful Naruto collection ;)
Aernath's Heartthrobs - Looking for bishies? Look no further, beautiful collection :) I really can't help but stop in to drool over some SDK occasionally XD

Cel Shops - Some of the places I go to make cel related purchase ;)

Rinkya - My favorite deputy service for Yahoo Japan ;)
Animegame - Wonderful selection (especially if you're a Naruto fan ^^).


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