Requiem for Lost Souls
Yu Yu Hakusho

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Still one of my favorite series:
14 year old Yusuke Urameshi is thrown into the world of the supernatural one day because of a sacrifice he wasn't expected to make. This eventually leads him to his appointment as "spirit detective" and his frienship with some very strange and powerful supernatural beings. Together with his rival Kuwabara, and the demon's Hiei and Kurama he fights to keep the supernatural from harming those who don't even know of it's existence.....or maybe just for the sake of fighting XD...
This series has a wonderful caste of both heroes and villains that at many points had me cheering for both sides. While it's technically very action based (like dragonball Z, and naruto), it's has a lot of humor in it that helps to balance it off.

Favorite character: Kurama

Favorite episode: #38 Kurama's Stand



 Kurama vs Gouki

 What's coming next?

 Mitari Seaman

 Ice master

 The GameMaster

 Asato Kido

 Past Glory
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