Requiem for Lost Souls

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What happens when you take clamp's favorite characters throw them in a container and shake? Well probably not Tsubasa it's far too artful to be so random. BUT...that would explain the many guest appearances of several clamp favorites.
The story centers around Li Syaroan and Princess Sakura, which just about anyone should recognize from one of Clamps earlier works Cardcaptor Sakura. The princess becomes the target of a mysterious group led by Fei Wong Reed, in the process losing her memories in the form of white feathers. Syaroan, childhood friend and love interest, with the help of Yuko, the dimensional witch, sets of to worlds unknown in search of the princesses feathers. On the way meeting the enigmatic wizard Fai D. Flouorite, the stern ninja Kurogane, and the perky little mascot Mokona (Rayearth). The story follows the group as they travel world to world each (at least at first) with their own goals in mind. Each world has it's own unique setting and of course revisited Clamp characters :)

My favorite's Kurogane, but this probably has a lot to do with his relationship with the other characters. He may seem uncaring and stern, but he's extremely loyal and skilled enough to defend his friends from all comers.

 My Favorite Ninja *_*

 Li Syaoran

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