Requiem for Lost Souls
D. Gray-Man: Allen Walker

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Set in a fictional 19th century, D. Gray-Man is a story about the fight between the Black Order, and the Millenium Earl. The Millenium Earl is the creator of weapons with human souls called Akuma, and he seems to be damned set on ridding the world of the human race. The exorcists of the Black Order are the only one's capable of standing against him with the abilities given to them by their "innocence". That's the basics anyway. A full explanation of this series would take at least a couple pages XD!
In short the story follows Allen Walker through his trials as an exorcist. This is one of those series where attatchments are heartbreaking (FMA all over again). Characters (especially side ones) seem expendable, and unlike other shounen series, left me wondering if the main character were actually safe themselves. The manga in this case is a better representation of this series, but the anime (when on track), is good too (and not as dark).
I absolutely adore the characters in this series. And while I do love Allen, Lavi's my favorite. He seems easygoing and happy, but just enough about his past is given to show you that this may in part be an act. The bookmen themselves are surrounded by a bit of mystery which keeps me wondering what exactly their part in the series will be.

Allen Walker section:
The hero of course is going to get his own section mostly because the volume of Allen artwork (he's probably the easiest character to find ^^). Allen's a tragic character in about a thousand ways, but I'll focus on the non-spoilers here ;) Allen's story starts before he becomes an excorcist, when he was traveling with his adoptive father Mana. Mana dies, and in Allen's grief he let the Millenium Earl convince him to call Mana back, turning the one he loves most into an Akuma. Luckily (or unluckily) as it happens Allen's deformed hand contains innocence, the only thing that can stand against the Akuma.

 You overdid it there Allen

 Our hero ;)

 Allen's Innocence

 Allen Pan

 Allen and Tim

 The Eye
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