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Virus woes...
last modified: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 (3:38:27 PM CST)
My computer's down for the count at the moment due to some major virus troubles, so until I get the little sucker wiped, I'll be difficult to get a hold of (I can't seem to email out from the library so I can't really contact anyone). So if anyone's trying to reach me be patient hopefully I'll be back up by the end of the week *crosses fingers*
Thanks for listening
Crackpot27 :)
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My D. Gray-Man Fixation ^^
last modified: Thursday, October 11, 2007 (3:12:27 PM CST)
Anyone want to take a guess where my money's been going lately ^_~?
It has me slightly obsessed. Especially since the anime just recently got back to the manga storyline. Yeah...I have the new opening complete with Chomesuke running at least half the time I spend on the computer (It's going right now XD). I'm also finding all sorts of little doo dads on YJ. Pencil boards, buttons, pins, keychains, glasses, and even a few cosplay items.
The manga still better, but the chances of me finding original manga pages are null in void, so I have to hope for good shots from the anime XP.
Which brings me to my one sketch update , I found a nice shot of Lavi and bought him immediately. I'm hoping sketches from the series become a little easier to find as the series progresses, because so far anime-haven's the only place I've found them, and the majority have been pretty rough.
The most surprising thing about this little addiction? It's a lot cheaper than it has been, why? Because I'm focusing mainly on just the one series, and not finding much in the way of expensive stuff
. That may change later though, at least I'm hoping. My wishlist has been effectively D. Gray Man filled :)!
If you finished my little rant without even knowing what D. Gray Man is...sorry ^^;!
Now to play the opening again...(you would think i'd get tired of it after a week of playing XD, but not me)
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Update time
last modified: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 (7:21:14 PM CST)
Procrastination is a horrible, HORRIBLE habit. So I finally sat down and did some scanning and some of that turned into updates ^^. I've updated with two two new sections: Black Cat and D. Gray Man settei. I'm sectioning the settei off...because there are so many. The Bleach, Orphen, and Spiral areas have also been updated. The Spiral section in particular has some real jems, including a pan of the Hiyono punch XD, I love that scene. I've got a bit more work to do with the D. Gray Man settei as well as a few storyboards I'd like to update eventually from the same series, but not tonight...tonight I'm scanner fatiqued (I'm too tired for D. Gray Man...something's very wrong XD)
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Why do people do this?
last modified: Friday, June 08, 2007 (7:39:17 AM CST)
A rhetorical question: If a buyer puts you off for a month because they say they can't pay and then goes and bids on other items (well over the price they owe might I add), how stupid does the seller have to be to keep working with them?!

Starting at the top, I got up this morning to check last nights auction bids. I won which put me in a good mood because I really wanted this group of sketches and I had won it under my max (which is always a nice topper to my cake ^_-), the problem comes when I go to look at the other bidders on the items, which I generally do out of curiosity. Now let me say this before I even start my little rant, I am not upset by the general fact that someone bid against me, but that it was THIS person. This particular buyer had about a month ago been the winner of 3 of my own auctions, and about a week after that the winner of another one. Four auctions, all reasonably small win prices, but none of them yet paid for. While my auctions generally list payment due within 8 days, I tend to allow a little more time.

A couple of weeks after this person wins they emails me letting me know that they hadn't recieved an invoice. Okay I'm thinking why did you not contact me sooner if that's what you were waiting for, but I figure it's partly my fault so I send them a total. Next email comes in, I think I over extended myself a little and I can't yet pay for one of the auctions if you want you can offer that one to the next highest bidder, or wait a little while and I'll pay you then. Okay I'm irritated by this point but I think hey no problem, not a big deal at least they were civil about it. Which brings me back to this morning and my own auctions. I bid on three items and this buyer also bid on all three, and what irritates me the most is that they bid over the price they owe me....if you already have things that need paying for and you can't pay for them, then why are you bidding on other items!? And I understand that sometimes there are multiple people using the same ebay id's (family members), but not generally purchasing the same genre of items.

This person either does this to everyone...or is playing me for a fool. Either way I'm not real fond of this behavior and I'm debating whether or not to deal with them any further. Whether it be continuing the present transaction with them or any future transactions with them.

Sorry if you managed to get to the end of this, I'm just so aggrivated and in need of a good vent. While I still have a bit of a headache I'm still excited about my wins. (I got me some Lavi XD). So I guess even if it's dampered a bit it should still be a good day, or at least I'm hoping.
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