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Well...the "short" wishlist didn't last long. I tend to jump around when collecting so...I don't always follow my wishlist, but these are things I would like and would be willing to trade for or purchase. D Gray Man's kinda taken the list over for now ^^

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra
Volken, I most want a shot of him smiling, but would love an action shot also ;) Will Give Kidney
Enlike, before he took over the book eaters body. High
Noloty, any nice shot of her, though I wouldn't mind a shot of her smiling :) High
chibi Volken, looking happy :) Medium
Black Blood Brothers
A good face shot of Zelman Clock ^^ Medium
D. Gray-Man
Any opening or closing shots of Lavi, though the one's I want the most come from the third opening ^^ Will Give Kidney
Lavi with his bandana around his kneck, yeah I know I mentioned this one twice but I reallllly want it. Will Give Kidney
The bite!!!! I love this part, Lavi's hit by the Akuma's poisonous rounds, so Krory helps him out by helping himself out. Will Give Kidney
This End shot, its a good representation of my favorite part in the series, probably the piece of artwork I want most at the moment. Will Give Kidney
A good shot of Lavi and Allen together. Very High
Chomesuke...errrr what was his name to begin with XD. He's the Akuma altered by Cross, I've only actually seen him in the third opening but I'm sure I'll be seeing more of him ^^ Very High
Good close ups of Lavi, would especially like a shot of him with the bandana around his kneck ^^ Very High
Lavi blushing after saying something that both Allen and Lenalee found inappropriate ;) Very High
Lavi fighting the Akuma on the ship, this shot precisely :) Very High
Lavi looking out the window when he first calls Chomesuke...Chomesuke XD Very High
Lavi pulling Allen's face into a smile when they've finally made it back from Edo, so cute Very High
Lavi using his hammer to "fly", I'd also like a shot of his hiban, and other attacks. Very High
Lavi with the card he and Lenalee found near the place Allen fell. Very High
Lavi's first appearance in the series :) Very High
Miranda, I'd like both a goofy shot of her as well as her being a little more composed. Very High
The gang freaked out by Road's display of affection for Allen ^^; Very High
This end shot, soooooo nice *drool* Very High
This shot of Lavi and Tim ^^ Very High
A nice shot of Miranda in her uniform High
Allen and Lavi shouting at Kanda after Kanda's sent them on thier way via a nice little shot from Mugen ;) High
Bak with Fou when the Level three Akuma's attacking and Bak jumps out to protect her :) High
Chomesuke with Tincampy, the scene from right before Chomesuke self destructs T_T High
I'd love to have the majority of the characters from the Asian Branch, but Bak and Fou are the two I would like the most ^^ High
Lavi braiding Kanda's hair XD High
Lavi breaking the window O.o High
Lavi bunny ^^ High
Lavi invoking his innocence. High
Lavi waking up to see the Ark reconstructing itself High
Lavi's meaner half from his fight in Road's "dream" High
Miranda invoking her innocence. High
A nice shot of a cocky Lavi posing with hammer ^^ Medium
Allen taking a shot at Lavi for his innocent question about him and Road XD Medium
Anita, so sad ;_; Medium
chibi allen with the baby man-eather Medium
Injured Allen Medium
Kanda after Skin asks him whether or not he likes sweets. Kanda's reply "Absolutely hate it" XD Medium
Lavi pigging out Medium
Lavi telling the Clouds to part. Medium
Miranda trying to stop Lavi from hurting the crew, so cute ^^ Medium
Scruffy Tikki, I liked him better as a vagabond ^^. Medium
Timcanpy ^^ Medium
Allen inside Miranda's clock...XD Low
Human Chomesuke ^^ Low
Krory after biting Lavi XD Low
Lavi being eaten by the man eaters from the Krory arc XD Low
Lavi getting whacked after calling Bookman "Panda" Low
A nice shot of Shizuo, it's early for artwork, but you know what they say about the early bird... High
Eden's Bowy
Sakura, a nice face shot, her being silly or serious I'm not that pick XP Medium
Van in the rain after seeing Hitomi and Allen kiss Very High
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Makenshi, really not so picky on this one. Since I've been unable to find any FFU artwork, I'd settle for anything XD! Will Give Kidney
Fruits Basket
The perrrrrfect Kyo, yes this shot would make me a very happy cat lover ^_~ Will Give Kidney
Megumi, I just love this kid (Hanajima in boy form). I'd love to have a super creepy shot of him speaking the Yuki girls names, but any shot will do. Very High
Gedo Senki
Arren with the slave collar, I realize since it's Miyazaki there's no bloody chance...but it's a wishlist so XD Will Give Kidney
Hakushaku to Yosei-Earl and Fairy
Raven, I'd absolutely love a good action shot ^^ Very High
Jyu oh Sei
Zagi, while I would love a nice shot of him after his fight with Thor, artwork from the series is scarce enough that I doubt I'll get to be too picky =3 Very High
A younger Thor, I'm not sure why but I just don't like his character as much later in the series ^^; Medium
Kara no Kyokai- Garden of Sinners
Tomoe Endo, the shot from the end of episode 5. Where he and Shiki walk towards opposite doors, and he turns towards her and smiles T_T. Will Give Kidney
Tomoe Endo, any nice shot, though the one I want the most is listed above ^^ Very High
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Gokudera prepped with his fight against Bel, I love this shot ^^ Very High
Yamamato, no as picky on this one because he's usually got the same expression on throughout the series, I would like a serious shot or maybe one with his bat/sword ^^ Very High
Any of the guys future selves. I'd like Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Hibari the most, but I'd also like a shot of Fuuta, Ryohei, and Mukurou. High
Any shots of the guys from the "Rainy Days" ending (yes Tsuna too). High
Colenello, my favorite of the arcobaleno ^^ High
Gokudera 10 years in the future High
Gokudera at the end of his fight with Bel ^^ High
Hibari, an action shot would be great ^^ High
Squalo from the flashback when his hair was short Medium
The first leader of the Vongola, he's only shown one in the series so far, so sad XP Medium
Nabari no Ou
Opening shots of both Kouichi and Yukimi. Will Give Kidney
A good shot of Yukimi ^^ Preferably with the design on his headband visible. Very High
Any good shot of Kouichi ;) Very High
Yoite telling Miharu he doesn't want to die. High
One Piece
Sanji, preferably looking annoyed or angry. Medium
Usopp, I'm just now getting back into One Piece and I can't help but love the hapless sharpshooter. I'd actually prefer a more serious shot rather than his trademark dumbfounded look ;) Medium
Zoro and Usopp handcuffed together, or even better Zoro using him as a sword XD Medium
This shot from the ending O.o I don't see me ever landing him, but since I did get my other kidney shot... ;) Will Give Kidney
Ouran Host Club
This shot of the twins... Will Give Kidney
Pandora Hearts
Xerxes Break, any nice shot of him will do, though I'd love a good creepy shot of him sticking the entire plate into his mouth (or of course him pulling the plate out XD) Very High
A good shot of Sharon ;) Medium
The Chesire Cat =3 What can I say? I just love the look of this guy. (not that his story isn't heartrending in it's own way ;_;) Medium
Elliot, I just really love this characters attitude ^^ Low
Shining Tears X Wind
Well, since's Keiner was completely ignored in the series I'll have to plan my obsession around Zero (Xion). I'd especially love a nice flashback shot of him. Very High
Skip Beat
A good close up of Ren ^^ Very High
A good creepy shot of Kyoko ^^ High
Shoutaro...I just love his interference, it makes for a fun series ^^ Medium
Tales of the Abyss
This shot of Guy attacking *_* Very High
Anise, she's the only one of the good guys I can't seem to find, sadly she's my favorite female character T_T High
Tales Series
Ending shot of either Guy or Jade from Tales of the Abyss, mostly Guy, but I do love Jade in the cape *_* Will Give Kidney
Guy from Tales of the Abyss. Series or game I'm not at all picky on this one :) Will Give Kidney
Flynn from tales of Vesperia, what can I say I like the blondes in this series ^^ Very High
Raven from tales of Vesperia, he's just a fun character ^^ High
Senel Coolidge from Tales of Legendia High
Yuri Lowell, smiling preferably, but I'll take what I can get..if anything XD High
Frings from the Tales of Abyss anime Medium
World Destruction
Both a serious shot and a less than serious shot of the main character Kyrie =3 Very High
Agan Madoru, I'd love a shot of him without the coat and hat ^^ High

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